May we present? Our brand new badges

We proudly present you: our brand-new badges!

Curious about our badges?

Completing jobs has never been more fun. Because now you can not only earn money completing jobs but also collect badges. A certain job combination, a certain number of completed jobs or a certain number of jobs in a specific category... Be surprised and discover which badge you can snatch. And how about a Badge Battle with your friends or a joint Badge Hunt?

Here's a taste of the badges we have in stock for you:
- Penny saver
- Rising star
- Night runner
- Gold Digger
- Secret Agent
These and many, many more badges are waiting for you. So keep on working hard and search for the next great badge.

To make sure you don't miss a badge, we'll send you an email when you've earned a new badge (of course you must have allowed us to send you emails for that). To keep an eye on your badges, the App menu now has its own section for your conquests only. Go take a look and see which badges you have already earned! All the colourful badges are already part of your trophy collection. What about the rest? The blurred badges are just waiting for you to get them with new jobs. So let's get going!

We wish you a lot of fun with our new feature and continued success with your jobs!

PS: For the very curious people amongst you: On our Facebook page and on Instagram we will present you some of our badges every now and then in the coming weeks. Follow us there and don't miss any news. ;)

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