Keep an eye out at your next shopping trip!

The next purchase could be especially worthwhile for you, since there is a new job is waiting for you right now. You can do this job in many supermarkets all over the UK and all we need from you is a couple of photos. What do you have to do? You can find out here!

Have a look at our new search jobs in UK! Photo: © 955169,

Where do you find the job in the app?

The new job is a search job. So you won't find it on the map, but listed under the tab "Search Jobs". This means: high flexibility. Since we are only specifying the supermarket chain, you can complete this job in a supermarket of your choice.

What is this about?

We are looking for unusual promotions or special displays. The more impressive the promotion, the better. So look for eye-catchers like these when you go shopping and take pictures for us:

Examples for impressive supermarket promotions

Where can you do the job?

You can do this job in the following supermarkets throughout the UK:

Tesco - Tesco Express - Marc & Spencers - Sainsbury's - Waitrose - Whole Foods - Coop - ASDA - Morrisons – SPAR.

Check out the app now and get started! We wish you every success!

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